Traditional Boer costume, Majuba day celebration
Joelene Jacobs and her family
Sebastian Biehl
Lottie Erasmus
Dave Prinsloo
David Johan Van Niekerk
Carel Willem Hendrik Boshoff
Sonia Roux
Michael Smith and his construction team
Kobus Hartzer
Jozé Du Plessis
Good is not enough
Orania Akademie
Omar Fourie
Majuba day celebration
Ben & Charles, not allowed to settle in Orania

During the years preceding the end of Apartheid, some Afrikaner’s politicians and activists were interested in creating a white province, a fallback in a system they knew doomed to disappear.
This idea of a white province was rejected by the ruling and opposition parties negotiators while finding an end to Apartheid.
However, a small part of the Afrikaner ideologists had already bought an almost deserted and derelected settlement from the Department of Water, so they could create a private town for the white descendants of the « Great Trek pioneers ».
An enclave with the intention of allowing the Afrikaner’s community to live separately and in an independent way towards the other populations sharing the same territory.
Today, this town called Orania has 700 inhabitants and would extend over some 8000 hectares of mainly agricultural land.
Numerous inhabitants came for ideological reasons, some for work or safety.
Some Afrikaners are convinced of it, in this countryside has begun to resurrect South Africa, their South Africa.