à Modeste, portrait d’une communauté scolaire

Alan Aubry a fait le « face book » de Modeste. En photographe enthousiaste et déterminé, avec la passion communicative qu’on lui connaît, cet amateur d’inventaire poétique, formel ou ludique, par ailleurs féru d’informatique, n’a pas manqué, en photographiant les membres du lycée Louis-Modeste Leroy d’Évreux, son clin d’œil au fameux réseau social de Mark Zuckerberg. Ce […]

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Orania Afrikanertuiste

During the years preceding the end of Apartheid, some Afrikaner’s politicians and activists were interested in creating a white province, a fallback in a system they knew doomed to disappear. This idea of a white province was rejected by the ruling and opposition parties negotiators while finding an end to Apartheid. However, a small part of the […]

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Down memory lane

After 6 years in Cape Town, I left South Africa, I was 11. I had to wait more than 20 years to come back. During one summer I spent 5 weeks travelling in the country, visiting places where I use to go and also places I’ve never been to before (such as some small towns in […]

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